Peace Care

A Better World Within Reach

Peace Care envisions a world where quality health care is accessible to all. And by facilitating global partnerships, the nonprofit empowers change and helps create sustainable solutions—from Senegal to the Dominican Republic.

The Great Facilitator

One of the keys to long-term success has been translating Peace Care’s complex operating model into accessible communications, which we’ve been able to achieve partly through a video collaboration with About Face Media.

Identity System

50k created a brand identity that embodies the values of Peace Care and its mission to reduce disease and promote global healthcare research and education. The logomark visualizes the partnership model, with the letterforms representing how Peace Care connects resources with communities in need.

Print Collateral

50k applied for and won a 2015 Sappi Ideas that Matter grant, developing a toolkit that helps attract potential donors, partner organizations and volunteers. The toolkit includes stationery, postcards, stickers and pocket folders.