Workshop It

Great ideas can come from anywhere. Whether you’re a designer, a mom, an undergrad, a writer, an introvert, a social worker or a grandfather, there’s something magical that happens when wide-ranging perspectives, backgrounds and experiences come together to inform the creative process.

Join us on July 24, 2018, to go behind-the-scenes of the Great Ideas Of Humanity exhibit at the Chicago Design Museum. In partnership with Chicago Ideas Week, our Lab will explore the process of design—from ideation to execution—helping workshop participants tap into their inner creative directors by making Great Ideas posters of their own. Starting with interactive moodboarding, we will group elements together on the basis of typography, color, image and message—using a Great Ideas quotation as a starting point to ground the process in an overarching concept. A 50k designer will follow the direction of each group of participants in creating a custom poster, which will join the ChiDM Great Ideas collection.

Tickets are on sale now.