Universal Language

If you’ve ever been to 50,000feet, you know the way we operate: open floor plan, open workspaces and open discussions, minds and windows. By the way, welcome to Spring. Most recently, we opened our studio to 15 visitors from Hong Kong Design Centre, which included HKDC’s founder and chief designer, design directors and fashion incubator manager as well as academics and trade development leaders from Hong Kong.

HKDC is the visionary behind Business of Design Week, Asia’s leading event on design, innovation and brands. Each year, the world’s most forward-looking and influential designers and business leaders gather at BODW to speak, share and find inspiration. Last year’s event featured Barcelona and its impact on design—this year, Chicago takes center stage.

As we exchanged ideas with the group about design thinking, vision and approach, we discovered something we already knew: design is a universal language. And it has the power to help us benefit society, improve business and build new partnerships, no matter where we are in the world. Thanks for visiting, HKDC. And thanks to World Business Chicago for including us on the tour. Our doors are always open.