Through the Pages

When Sappi approached us to think through how to reintroduce their recently unsurfaced archives, 50k jumped at the opportunity to honor the paper company’s rich heritage. When the carefully packaged books and artifacts arrived, we broke out the white gloves and traveled through time. Having designed and developed Sappi’s education, training and consulting website, Sappi etc., we created a space that went back as far as the 1960s, scanning historical treasures using optical character recognition so they’d be fully searchable. We took equal care digitizing the newly unearthed archives, which we have uploaded here. It was an incredible journey bringing Sappi’s archives to life in The Reflected Works, a curated collection of Advertising, Promotion and Education work from 1910–1969. The collection launched at the 27th Veritiv Paper Show with a print promotion that featured curated photographs and samples from the collection printed over a chrome silver ink flood. Straight from the vault, The Reflected Works—both online and in-print—highlights some of our favorite archives, offering a glimpse into not just Sappi’s heritage but the entire industry’s. By looking back through the pages, we see an exciting future ahead.