Thoroughly Modern

Modern life deserves a modern way to pay—something that lets you shop where you like, when you like, how you like—so you can keep up with your every day. That’s Masterpass, the first omni-channel payments solution backed by the security of Mastercard and your bank. In-store, online and in-app, Masterpass enables payments with unprecedented speed and ease, and is yet another example of Mastercard’s innovation as a technology and lifestyle brand.

To support the product’s introduction, Mastercard asked 50,000feet to create a video that tells the story of how Masterpass enriches everyday experiences. Raising awareness and understanding of Masterpass among B2B and consumer audiences, the video highlights the seamless transactions Masterpass enables—click, touch or tap—as well as the layers of protection against fraud and misuse. For everywhere you go and for every way you pay—don’t just buy it. Masterpass it.