Running Start

The human desire to run originated four and a half million years ago from the most basic necessity: survival. Whether as predator or prey, humans ran to keep fed, to keep safe, and most recently, to keep fit. Running evolved into a competitive activity, and in our modern era, it is a shared pastime. At any moment throughout the day and night, people explore the outdoors in motion, one step at a time, challenging themselves to exercise their minds and bodies. And with the inaugural World Health Run on April 7, they will also be engaging their hearts in the name of a great cause.

Coinciding with World Health Day, the World Health Run will take place as a worldwide running event that seeks to improve health equity in the U.S. and globally. It is produced by World Run, Inc., a nonprofit organization that supports educational and fundraising activities co-sponsored by leading organizations in the field. Chicago will play host to the first-annual run, which represents a collaboration of team members from LocalRaces, Peace Care, the Community Alliance Running Event Series (CARES), ABC7 News in Chicago and other noble organizations. Improving access to health services and strengthening sustainable health systems is something everyone can take part in, so go to World Health Run and join a local group of like-hearted and fitness-loving people to support bringing health equity to much-needed areas all over the world.