Process of Becoming

Nothing excites us more than to capture and communicate the essence of great brands. Whether evaluating color and image or typography and written word, we bring some initial ideas to the table, our clients bring their firsthand perspectives, and we immerse ourselves in discovery. The goal is to emerge from the process with some tangibles, having identified preferences and opportunities as well as ownable white space and a blue-sky vision for what’s next.

Last fall, we had the pleasure and privilege of speaking to a class at Northwestern’s Medill School. The topic: translating strategy to expression. The course, taught by Ariel Goldfarb, focused on the power of branded communications as a vital part of an overall business strategy. From our experience, we have found that the two are inextricably linked: having a solid brand strategy is the best business strategy.

50k Principal Jim Misener offered the agency’s take on what brand means in a changing world, presenting a refreshing perspective amid the cluttered world of marketing. Sharing content that depicts our process, we helped students understand how to get from strategy to implementation. A disclaimer: it’s not always a straight line.

As a follow-up, 50k recently spent a few days filming, speaking to how individual elements like positioning, promise and value proposition become more enduring aspects of the brand experience—the symbols, logos, palettes, products, websites and environments that relate back to the basic idea and emotion that lie at the heart of every brand. Stay tuned for talking heads. In the meantime, have these.