To Perfection

More than 400,000 years ago, man discovered fire. Today, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet perfects it. In its latest collaboration with 50,000feet, the lifestyle brand tasked us with developing a campaign for Spring 2016 to announce the launch of several new products that take outdoor entertaining to a whole new level. Offering the kind of prestige that their competitors could only imagine, Kalamazoo was named by Forbes as maker of the "the Rolls Royce of grills." The audiences for these exquisite, handcrafted grills fall into two categories: enthusiasts in search of supreme performance and those in search of the highest pedigree. Because consumers in both categories are avid researchers, placements in Saveur and Robb Report help maximize coverage while the campaign creates an arresting mise-en-scène that stands apart from the crowd. Because if you don't need to settle for second-best, why would you?