Historic Rise

irving company brand image

Some call it the Windy City while others name it the country’s first-class Second City. We fondly call it home. As a major metropolis, Chicago has one of the world’s largest and most diversified economies, offering a phenomenal quality of life with hundreds of world-renowned cultural institutions in an architecturally stunning, creative and vibrant global city. According to World Business Chicago, the numbers speak for themselves: 400 major corporate headquarters, including 31 Fortune 500 companies and 300 corporate R&D facilities; $188 billion in imports and exports; and the #1 best-connected airport in the U.S. The business landscape is expansive in nature, reaching skyward and out in all directions—a grid of glass and steel that only continues to grow in both scale and ambition, a city that calls to global enterprises and startups alike. From law and finance to technology and design, one thing that every company needs is a space to think and a place to grow. One North Wacker, 71 South Wacker and 300 North LaSalle are three such addresses—and together, they are now known as The Chicago Collection.

To build greater awareness of its three A+ office buildings, Irvine Company tapped 50,000feet to create a unifying name and brand identity for the collection of properties, bringing the well-known eponymous California leader in real estate development into the Chicago market. Through a collaborative process, we helped develop the brand identity to capture the buildings’ prestigious qualities and to reflect the Irvine Company brand—but with a bold, Chicago take. From a printed lookbook to environmental design to digital marketing, we created integrated communications to build awareness and engage the broker community, keeping Irvine’s Chicago properties top-of-mind among prospective tenants. We designed property tour experiences that captivate visitors through a variety of means that include large-format hanging graphics, video walls and modern furnishings, helping guests visualize what their work lives could be. The results have included an increase in inquiries and tours, promising leads and a greater share of voice and visibility in the Chicago market. In the words of architect Elva Rubio, “We’re in Chicago—we can do anything, damn it.”