Growing Up

When we talk about the future, there’s an undeniable energy around sharing a collective vision, putting a plan into motion and seeing where it takes us. Keeping pace in a hyper-competitive industry while remaining true to our core values can be a challenge, but our record is a testament to 50k’s entrepreneurial spirit and creative talent. In a matter of years, revenues have increased nearly tenfold; capabilities have expanded from a core competency to five integrated practices that offer clients a multidisciplinary approach; and record performance has fueled investment in client offerings, staff and community. We have delivered bold ideas for significant brand launches and perfected a balance of creativity and discipline that is a hallmark of the 50k brand.

Alongside building deeper client partnerships, 50,000feet continues to drive growth and innovation by targeting engagements that enable us to leverage our depth of experience across several industries, including financial services, consumer electronics, A&D, active lifestyle and luxury. Though we are widely known for longstanding relationships with Harley-Davidson, Knoll, Mastercard and Sony, a series of new business wins as well as organic growth has provided the agency with a number of exciting new opportunities.

One of the cornerstones upon which 50,000feet was founded is the free-flow of ideas and communication throughout the organization. The “no walls, no divisions and no excuses” mantra has enabled dialogue with clients and partners that, in turn, has led to innovative project paths, creative processes and business decisions. We believe that our future will always be a direct result of the performance we deliver for our clients, and our approach is simple: listen well, learn quickly and execute beautifully.