Come to Life

We’re living in a time where transparency is a must. Whether it’s knowing where a meal comes from (what was the chicken’s name?) or knowing what a brand stands for, consumers desire truth from nearly every industry—including and especially from their cannabis providers. And with the launch of all-new Verilife cannabis dispensaries, transparency is exactly what PharmaCann strives to cultivate. 50,000feet recently teamed up with PharmaCann to develop naming and messaging for their cannabis dispensaries as they look to a future of making their commitments known near and far. Equal parts honest and uplifting, Verilife stems from the Latin root, veri, meaning truth, and speaks to the many ways cannabis can—and does—elevate lives of all shapes and sizes. Inside the dispensaries, 50,000feet developed environmental communications to help visitors understand the different components of cannabis and their beneficial properties. The possibilities ahead in the cannabis industry are significant, and with each twist and turn, Verilife will stay true to its purpose.