Wine Wins

terlato wines promo

The Terlato Wines Luxury Wine Report has once again been selected as a winner in Print magazine’s annual design competition, one of the oldest and most respected in the industry. As a winner, the Luxury Wine Report—or the Red Book, as it’s become known—is featured online, in print and included in the most recent Print Design Annual. Since the inaugural volume, the Red Book has enjoyed an award-winning tradition, which is absolutely consistent with the strength and quality of the Terlato Wines brand.

For four generations, Terlato Wines has been at the center of a dynamic conversation on winemaking and the culture that surrounds it. Every bottle carries a depth and dimension all its own—and through its many communications, Terlato Wines seeks to capture and convey this experience alongside its deep understanding of the drivers and demographics of the category. Terlato Wines has partnered with 50k for more than a decade to bring the beauty and character of its many wines and wineries to life—whether with impeccably crafted hand-bound books, retail activation programs, digital experiences or video. At 50,000feet, we speak the language, we know the territory, and we’re there with our clients every step of the way. And for Terlato Wines, we are proud to be part of a story that keeps getting better with age.