Love of Donuts

Independent. Interdisciplinary. Innovative. Each of these words could be used to describe any high-caliber creative shop today. While few can really stake claim to all three, 50,000feet can and does. Since 2001, we have focused not on being the first but on being the best, enjoying the quiet satisfaction that comes when clients achieve what they set out to do—or better yet, when we get someplace totally unexpected and even more amazing than we could have imagined. Anyone working in the industry knows that feeling you get when a campaign goes viral or taps a nerve. These experiences are why we get up in the morning. And for the donuts. Especially ones with jimmies.

What sets us apart is the work that we do for some of the biggest and brightest brands in the world. You may not have heard of us—but you’ve heard of them, which means we’re doing our job right. As strategic partners, we tackle not only matters of the day but also hard-hitting issues that will affect our clients’ businesses for the foreseeable and not-so-seeable future. Being innovative is not the most valuable part of our story—being great, however, is. Unblinkingly precise. Uncontainably ambitious. We are 50k.