Fifty Candles

A 50th birthday only comes once, and the occasion should be celebrated accordingly. Global integrated design firm DLR Group approached 50,000feet to help commemorate a half century of elevating the human experience through design. Founded on April 1, 1966, DLR Group grew from humble roots as a three-man architecture practice in Omaha, Nebraska. Today, the firm has more than 20 offices worldwide, offering architecture, engineering, interiors and planning services to the likes of Google, Boeing and large-scale institutional clients across the globe. The brief called for neither monograph nor history book, so 50k employed an unconventional, non-linear approach to telling DLR Group’s story. By poring over pages and piles of archives and conducting hours of interviews, we were able to establish a shared language that would instill readers with inspiration, education and pride. Approachable and accessible yet impactful and empowering, the book displays a range of visual expression, utilizing typography, palette, scale and imagery in distinct ways to provide many access points.

The final book of more than 200 pages of rich narrative was shared on the anniversary of DLR Group’s founding day with every member of the firm’s team as well as with partners and clients. The volume was a centerpiece of the multi-city celebration, helping newer members understand what lies at the core of DLR Group and older members reminisce of what you might call ‘the good old days.’ Most important, however, is that the book provides a platform for the many perspectives, projects and personalities that have created the DLR Group of today while also making way for the firm of tomorrow.