By the Book

We spend our days and sometimes our nights dreaming up new ways to elevate the idea of luxury. As the vision for Monark has taken flight, we see a brand that continues to build an incredible name for itself in the premium home appliance space. Today, we’re thrilled to have in-hand the latest example of Monark’s commitment to bringing beauty to the world—with the 2017/18 Monark Lookbook. By leveraging a strong foundation to activate the Monark brand story, we designed a tool that not only conveys breadth of selection and depth of expertise but also paints a vivid image of the lifestyle that Monark helps create. The Monark ecosystem has expanded to reach more markets, more clients and more homes, and the 100-page printed book helps carry this message to even greater lengths. Custom photography by Kristyna Archer captures the spirit and the culture of three of Monark’s locations—San Francisco, Costa Mesa and Miami. Gorgeous and appetizing food photography by Maes Studio reminds us to savor every moment with friends and family. Recipes, a glassware guide, industry perspectives, beautifully depicted appliances and Q&As with designers and foodies add to Monark’s unique point of view on what it means to be home. Through striking editorial layout, the lookbook brings greater dimension, color and texture to the brand. Enjoy.