Wilson Staff

C200: The Face of Generation Flex

The all-new FLX Face technology in the C200 series of irons was a game-changer—which Wilson parlayed into a strong PR campaign. In this spot, we simply let the critical acclaim and PGA Tour endorsements do the talking.

The Engineer

In a market where sensational claims are the norm, special care must be taken to win over skeptics. Using exploded CGI renderings, this spot unpacks the underlying technology that makes the C200 series’ incredible distance and control possible: FLX Face.

Duo Family

In a classic case of line extension, the original Wilson Staff DUO golf balls were joined by the DUO Spin (distance + extra spin) and DUO Urethan (distance + maximum spin) varieties. Targeting experienced golfers and golf pros, this piece provides quick, easy-to-grasp positioning for the entire line.

Duo: We Own Soft

As a complement to the sub-brand positioning piece, this spot offers high-level positioning for the entire DUO line: long-distance performance for tee and approach shots, made possible by the balls’ uniquely soft construction.